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Something is always brewing at Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH)! The Mill: Coffee & Community is not only a public coffee shop, but it is a part of BCH’s ministry dedicated to sharing hope…changing lives. The name of the shop is fitting because it is located at Mills Home in Thomasville, BCH’s oldest and largest location. We always strive to be an organization that creates outside-the-box opportunities for ministering to others. Dare we say it? – The establishment of The Mill: Coffee & Community is “grounded” in these very ideals. 


The Mill offers more than a great cup of coffee. It provides an environment where community families, home school groups, bible study groups, or individuals needing a peaceful place can feel welcome. The shop not only offers indoor and outdoor seating, but it includes a small, separate meeting space as well. One of our favorite features is our expansive children’s playground. The fully-fenced, outdoor playground offers plenty of seating and shaded spots. 


To add to the excitement, The Mill will employ, when possible, individuals BCH serves such as our Family Care single mothers or even adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.


At the end of the day, The Mill is about family – we offer a place that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. As you prepare for your next visit, make sure you begin practicing what we are affectionately calling “The Mill Motto”:


Do good. Be kind. Love a latte.

Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina is many ministries beating together with one heart, and The Mill is a great example. One of our goals is to give employment opportunities to single moms from our Family Care program, adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities from our IDD program as well as sell coffee from our Guatemalan ministry partners who provide care to indigenous children.

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